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          Physical Examination

          Physical Examination


          1. Before coming to China, international students shall complete a physical examination in their home countries according to the Foreigner Physical Examination Form and the relevant requirements of corresponding Chinese embassies and consulates when applying for visas. This form is one of the necessary document for international students to apply for the admission to Dali University.


          2. Upon the arrival at Dali University, ESCIS will organize the international students to go to the designated place by Dali Customs for the second physical examination.


          3. Those who passed second physical examination will be given the Certificate of Health Examination for International Traveller. This certificate is one of the necessary document for international students to apply for Residence Permit and study in China.


          4. Report of Physical examination and Certificate of Health Examination for International Traveller can be collected 10 days after the physical examination being completed.


          5. Those who fail to pass the physical examination shall leave China and return to their home country immediately in accordance with the Chinese relevant laws and regulations.

          6. All the international students shall pay for the charge by themselves including scolarship students.


          Notes and Preperation for Physical Examination

          1. Fee: RMB 427

          2. Keep fasting before Examination

          3. Passport and a photocopy of passport.

          4. Two Photos (China standard size)

          5. An appointment of the physical examination shall be made by ESCIS at Dali Customs. International students shall be led by a teacher or designated person to go for the examination on time.