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          Comprehensive Medical Insurance & Protection

          Comprehensive Medical Insurance & Protection for

          International Students of Dali University 

          1、 According to Chinese Government, an international student must purchase a comprehensive medical insurance once he or she arrive the University to be eligable to study in China, otherwise, no registration will be given.

          2、 Insured amount: 600 Yuan (RMB) per year, 300 Yuan(RMB) applied for short-term study(Half year).

          3、Insurance Claim: May claim through the insurance company directly or consult at Education & Service Center for international students to get more details.

          4、 Documents required for Claim: Refer to Insurance Guide given by Insurance company to get more details of documents, claim and policies.


          5. Chinese Government Scholarship students (Full Scholarship) do not need to purchase the insurance mentioned above, and their will be insured by a insurance provider designated by CSC. May also refer the policies and claim to the specific company.